Hello Kitty Dim Sum

Hello! Amy here! I'm so happy to be back posting on the Mod Dolly Blog! After a 3 year break I've decided to restart a blog but combine it with the brand. I'll be writing a separate blog post explaining the reasons that got me back into blogging but right now I'd like to talk about one of my favourite foods- DIM SUM. Hello Kitty Dim Sum in particular! Feast your eyes on these wonderful little bites to eat.So a few weeks back me and my sister headed to Hong Kong on a trip to buy fabric for upcoming collections. Before we left we basically planned the trip day by day by researching and reading blogs to find out where all the best places to go were. One of the most popular places I read about was the official Hello Kitty Dim Sum restaurant based on Canton Road in the 

Tsim Sha Tsui district. It's basically a Instagram dream and I'd already seen plenty of snaps all over social media so I had to try it out for myself. As its not somewhere you go to everyday we decided to go all out and order whatever we wanted. Bare in mind we did order things simply because of the way they looked and didn't actually manage to finish it all but hey, they let you take anything you leave away in a Hello Kitty takeaway box so it was worth it!Now I've never been to any restaurant that takes a theme to such a extent as this one. It was almost like someone had taken a confetti gun of the sanrio character and sprayed it on anything in sight. Everything from the tables to the lights and tableware were Hello Kitty themed. The bathroom had Hello Kitty soap and mirrors, the ceilings and walls had hello kitty carved wooden wall features and murals so if you're a fan of the character then it really is a dream place to be! So what did we have? We decided to order a selection of the usual dim sum favourites such as prawn dumplings, custard buns and sponge cake. Along with that we both chose a main dish, mine was chicken, apple and rice and my sister went for a plain beef noodle. The food itself was of the usual cantonese cuisine but there was something a little extra special about biting into one of your favourite characters that made it weirdly taste better. We almost has to wolf it down because we both spent way to long taking pictures of it all then it wasn't all that hot when we eventually dug in. Overall a really memorable experience ending with a $480 bill which is around £48. Not too bad.

If you are heading to Hong Kong in the near future it's definitely something you need to try. You can find more info about the restaurant here