Cafe LOVE: Nina's Tea house

My name is Swann and I’m a french blogger currently based in Paris :)

My blog Swann and the Berries is almost 3 years old now, I’ve started it with my boyfriend because we both wanted to discover Paris with a new eye. The beautiful streets, secret places and gardens..we really wanted to feel amazed by the city without never being bored. We believe in following the magic of life and loving and living every moment to the fullest.

Melissa Lilac Pinafore
Melissa lilac pinafore

So I’m going to share with you some of my favourite places in Paris on this blog starting this gorgeous Tea House called Nina’s :)

For the little story, my friend Laura (from the blog Avenue des Rêveries) made me discover Nina’s a year ago (it was so well hidden I love it!) We laugh so hard because we were both wearing pastels that day and blended just well in the tea room. One year later, same thing happen :)

pastel tea cup
pastel pinafore
I could not imagine another place to start shooting this dress, a beautiful Versailles like room all dedicated to Marie Antoinette. Of course the tea is as amazing as the place itself. I already have so many Nina’s tea at home but I just love going there to savour it with a piece of Apple and Rose cake (very yummy). The ladies that work there are adorable and kind, you can really fell they love the place too. It’s also my favourite when  I just want to hang out with a friend for a long time and appreciate some cosy time (or if I want to feel like a princess)."

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